Who says all sequals are a waste?

SDSS I, SDSS II, SDSS III : The Sloan Digital Sky Survey or SDSS for short. By far one of the most important undertakings in astronomical history. The first survey began in 1998 and over the next 12 years has given astronomers oodles upon oodles of invaluable data. In fact, there’s so much data that astronomers urge you, yes you, to help out with galaxy identification. If you find something, it might just be named after you like Hanny’s Voorwerp. If you’re interested check out Galaxy Zoo.

Mapping our Universe. That’s what these surveys do. Combine the ambitions of Columbus and the wit of Galileo and you have SDSS I-III. These three surveys have managed to map a significant portion of the cosmos. Take a look at the most accurate and complete map of our Universe for yourself:


Whipped Cream and Stingy Starbucks

I will never get used to ordering a cup of coffee, taking the top off, and seeing 2.5 inches of air from the rim to where the drink begins. Honestly, how much money does Starbucks save by filling your cup 3/4 full and filling the remainder with whipped cream? The prices are already outrageous. Why do they feel the need to twist the knife as it goes in? All this angst, and I didn’t even pay for it. I used a gift card.

Too mucn.