Whipped Cream and Stingy Starbucks

I will never get used to ordering a cup of coffee, taking the top off, and seeing 2.5 inches of air from the rim to where the drink begins. Honestly, how much money does Starbucks save by filling your cup 3/4 full and filling the remainder with whipped cream? The prices are already outrageous. Why do they feel the need to twist the knife as it goes in? All this angst, and I didn’t even pay for it. I used a gift card.

Too mucn.

3 thoughts on “Whipped Cream and Stingy Starbucks

  1. I have a problem with someone making fun of someone who is being killed. Perhaps you too would get find the humor if this is your brother, dad, husband, or friend. The man killing this other man is judge and jury. One they killed this handcuffed man they sat in front of him and had lunch. This is war and war is never funny.

    • Dear K. Neely,

      I understand your comment and I seen the real version of this photo to be very depressing and real. If it weren’t for the photojournalist that took the original photograph, and all of the other brave photojournalists and journalists out there putting themselves in harms way to report about international wars, we would not be nearly as informed as we are of the violence and hatred that truly exists out there.

      I inserted this photo into my post because I find it humorous. I know that it may be offensive to some people such as yourself, but I tend to appreciate creativity, even if it does touch upon offensive issues like war cruelty. I don’t believe that the person who altered this photo had any intention of offending people, but rather found the opportunity to make someone laugh. The person who photoshoped the starbucks cup in place of the gun was creative enough to see the potential of humor within a very depressing atmosphere, and I appreciate that. I apologize that this photo offends you.

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