Apparently, I write like a man.

I was eaves dropping on one of my office mates conversations and I heard of a nifty algorithmic program that can determine the gender of the author of a sample of text. I am currently in the horrific process of writing personal statements for graduate school, so I fed The Gender Genie multiple samples of my text and it turns out I write more like a man than a woman! I was intrigued, so I decided to feed the genie some Emily Dickinson and the results gave me male, again! Clearly, this algorithm needs some work, and the only useful information I received from this verbose adventure was that I don’t enjoy Emily Dickinson.

Alright: My boyfriend just announced, and rightfully so, that two wrongs don’t make a permanent defect. He also pointed out that the program probably craps out on poetry, which in all probability is true, since the algorithm was created from analyzing different texts from The New York Times. I admit I was too hasty to judge, and I was introduced to an Emily Dickinson poem that I find rather interesting. It just goes to show that girlfriends are not always right.

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