No-bakes, no body.

I recently made no-bake cookies for some colleagues of mine as a thank you. The thank you was for a warm car ride home as opposed to a cold walk. However, forty-five minutes after I had separated the ewy gewy conglomerate into individual cookies, the no-bakes were still runny. This is the second time I have failed at this recipe! I must remember next time to boil the initial ingredients for a longer period of time because ninety seconds is not enough. Despite their messiness, they are still a dreamy coalescence of cocoa, peanut butter and oatmeal. Who wouldn’t want to lick that off their fingers?

Yeah, my cookies couldn't do that.

Astrophotography: What a cool hobby!

So, all those gorgeous pictures you see taken from Hubble and various other telescopes absolutely NEVER look like that initially. Professionals who know how to account for different telescope parameters and can determine the appropriate colors due to the temperature and gas qualities are the ones who transform the initially dull, black and white photos into something spectacular. Well, the European Southern Observatory decided to establish a contest to see who could paint the best astro pic. Except, this time, it wasn’t professionals, but amateur astronomers who composed the beautiful collection of astrophotos shown here. The winner of the competition is mentioned in this article, which explains a little more about the competition and what its winner/winners receive for their hard work.