No-bakes, no body.

I recently made no-bake cookies for some colleagues of mine as a thank you. The thank you was for a warm car ride home as opposed to a cold walk. However, forty-five minutes after I had separated the ewy gewy conglomerate into individual cookies, the no-bakes were still runny. This is the second time I have failed at this recipe! I must remember next time to boil the initial ingredients for a longer period of time because ninety seconds is not enough. Despite their messiness, they are still a dreamy coalescence of cocoa, peanut butter and oatmeal. Who wouldn’t want to lick that off their fingers?

Yeah, my cookies couldn't do that.

One thought on “No-bakes, no body.

  1. I’ve never been a baker. I can cook alright, but typically baking is a frightful sight. (Like that sick rhyme?)

    Also, unfortunately, my bunny Pip got eaten by a Dingo about 2 months after that photo was taken. My ex has a slew of fantastic animals, including a bobcat, 2 snakes and the dingo. So yeah, the dingo ate my baby and for the longest time I would cry at least once a week over it. Sad day.

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