Down Syndrom; Abortion and Eugenics.

Eugenics is common in dog breeding; it is when desired genetic attributes are maintained through selective breeding. What if someone told you that this “selective breeding” was instilling itself within the human world?

Imagine you’re happy, you’re married, and you’re on your way to starting a family. Then, your doctor gives you the news that your fetus contains an extra 21st chromosome, which signals that your child will most likely have Down Syndrome. They offer you the chance to terminate the pregnancy. What do you do?

An article in The New York Times states that nearly 90 percent of unborn fetuses diagnosed with Down Syndrome are terminated. Are couples simply doing what’s best for their child? Or are they doing what’s best for them? Won’t eliminating prospective children with Down Syndrome lead to a lack of mental diversity amongst the human race? Or is that what we want? The mentally disabled could not possibly contribute to the betterment of society because they don’t think normally. What is it to think normally, anyways?

Normalizing the human race.