Multimedia Homework, Thank You!

This weekend has been a rather stressful one for me. I flew out Thursday afternoon to Washington D.C. to attend the AAAS meeting. My primary goal for attending was to participate in the internship fair. The internship fair involves a speed dating approach where undergraduate and graduate students interested in science writing can interview with some of the top magazine in the country such as Scientific American, Science News, Nature, and many more. There were a total of twenty five magazine/organizations that arrived at the fair and a total of fifty undergraduate/graduate students. I was able to talk with eight of the twenty five, which is an average number.

In addition to the internship fair, I was able to meet three admission directors from different graduate schools I’m applying to. Just a good way to give them a face with the name. So, those two things kept me busy Friday and Saturday, which made me somewhat nervous for my multimedia video assignment due on Monday (tomorrow).

I knew that covering the AAAS meeting was, in all probability, my only chance for getting material for this assignment. So, I got up early this morning, packed my camera bag with my camera and video recorder material, grabbed my tripod, and headed for the metro station that would take me to the Convention center where the meeting is being held. After walking around and scoping out the terrain I went up to a table and chatted with the guy for a while, and then got up the courage to say, “Hey, I’m in a multimedia class at Ohio State. Would you mind telling me what you just told me on camera?”. I was half expecting him to say no, but to my surprise he said that he was happy to do it. So, after that I went around with some more confidence and started talking to more and more scientists. I can not emphasize how cool these people are, and how awesome the research they’re doing is. I got to talk to the guys who designed and made the remote controlled humming bird, which was by far the most interesting exhibit I came across. I also talked to a guy who got to ride the Vomit Comet and test how hot air behaves in zero gravity.

Anyways, today was an amazing experience and I would not have had it if it weren’t for this assignment. And furthermore, I certainly would not have had it on tape! So, thanks multimedia journalism class for this awesome experience I’ll never forget!