Science Cafe in Marion, Ohio

When I went to the AAAS meeting in D.C. last weekend I ran across the table for the Sigma XI (pronounced szi) organization. Like most other tables, I was given a plentiful amount of papers and magazines explaining the organization and its goals for science. Sigma XI is invested in enforcing science ethics concerning scientific research. I personally find this imperative to present and future research because it establishes the necessary trusting reputation scientists need amongst each other to discuss their research. Similar to journalism ethics, if you don’t have the trust of the people you are trying to reach, then the chance that your work is distributed amongst a large audience is practically zilch if no one believes the words you’re typing.

One of the many papers I received from Sigma XI provided a brief explanation and corresponding web site for Science Cafe’s across the country. As explained on the flyer science cafe’s a relaxed atmosphere where people get together and discuss recent scientific research. The cafe’s are open to everyone, which certainly adds to their appeal. I went to their site,, and found one that it is in Marion, Ohio. From the looks of it, it’s sponsored by Ohio State, meets once a month, and invites one scientist who presentats their research at each meeting. The next meeting is on March 1 with guest presenter Gary Kennedy of Ohio State’s Mathematics Department, which I am seriously considering attending. What could be better than celebrating my dorky science interests with fellow dorks and caffeine?

I think they need a better logo