Philosophy, Physics, and People


One Asian philosophical tradition, Taosim, emphasizes that humans should strive to connect with reality. Too many people battle reality, which is why they experience frustration and disappointment. By releasing yourself from your agenda and expectations, it is possible to attain a connection with nature and the cosmos.

Upon listening to a podcast audio interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson I heard something that took me back to the my morning lectures of Asian Philosophy.

Tyson made an inquisitive comment concerning mathematics and the traditional disconnect people tend to have with it. Mathematics and physics is the language of the universe, Tyson explained. Yet, these two subjects seem to be the most intimidating and loathed topics people encounter in their academic studies. Why is the universal language of mathematics, the language that links us to nature and the cosmos, the language that humans have such a difficult time understanding and accepting?

Imagine if our ancient ancestors had not developed agriculture thousands of years ago and humans were still roaming Earth as hunters and gatherers. Technology would never have developed and our knowledge of the physical forces that drive our solar system, galaxy, and universe would still remain unknown.

How ironic that the language which has brought us a deep understanding of nature has also managed to separate us from it. Watching National Geographic on our televisions is the closest to nature that some of us will ever achieve.