Photo Gallery for the up and coming inflatable space station

How many generations until we send our children to space?

The New York Times has recently featured a photo gallery of the Bigelow Aerospace’s privately owned space station. What makes this space station so interesting is that it is inflatable. This structural design holds many practical applications, the most prominent being its compact storage capabilities. The station can be fit into a far smaller area during launching, and then once in space it can be inflated to its full capacity. For photos and descriptions of Bigelow’s Inflatable Space Station click here.

Privately owned space stations and relatively low cost rides into space is a fast approaching reality. For more information on the future of commercial aerospace flight visit this New York Times article.


For two of my four main projects for my multimedia class, I have chosen an issue on education. While interviewing my voice of authority today, I realized how different schools’ approach to education is. I know that it’s highly contingent upon environment and the general behavior of students, but it’s amazing how different Pickerington middle schools will be in a year compared to KIPP middle school.

Pickerington school district recently underwent a devastating budget cut of $13 million that will cost nearly 100 teachers their jobs. These budget cuts will include shortening the length of the average school day and decreasing the areas that buses will reach.

The reason I was able to conduct my interview today is because KIPP has Saturday school during certain times of the year. KIPP also has a longer school day running from 8-5 each day. Honestly, I my child was attending Pickerington at the moment and they asked to be enrolled at KIPP I would admit them without hesitation. What Pickerington is doing is academic suicide, and only time will show the detrimental effects it will have not only on the students but on the economics status of Pickeringon as a whole.