On second thought…

Upon further recollection of my previous post on laser cat bowling and its apparent disconnect from science, I started to realize that this little eighteen second post could make for a great high school physics test question. I remember that my physics teacher in high school always went for the questions that would inevitably elicit a giggle during testing.

So here’s my attempt at producing a question for this awesome game:

A 2.0 kg cat chases a laser across the floor. As he pounces on the green dot, seemingly victorious in his pursuit, he finds himself sliding across a recently waxed wood floor on a fuzzy blue rug maliciously placed there by his diabolical foe, Garfield! The coefficient of friction between the rug and the floor is 0.20. The cat looks in terror as he quickly approaches a pyramid of neatly stacked purple solo cups strategically positioned in his direct path of motion 2.0 meters away. If the force needed to completely demolish this architectural masterpiece is 2.0 Newtons, at what initial velocity must the cat be traveling on the rug to produce a cascade of cups?