Community Remote Sensing

I recently came across a very interesting article from EARTH magazine discussing the new and growing field of community remote sensing. Erin Wayman, the author of the story, discusses the importance of community remote sensing and how its presence is contributing useful information via technology that otherwise could not be delivered.

Community remote sensing is the community’s action of using technology to communicate important information to individuals, organizations, and companies that need it. For example, using modern cars’ monitoring sensors that track a vehicle’s temperature and performance could provide weather and driving conditions for certain areas. Using the technology that is already built into most recent car models, weather forecasters could receive one hundred times the amount of information they currently have concerning weather conditions. This could save thousands of drivers from unsafe roads or weather while driving.

No one will argue about technological advancement of the twenty-first century. With the invention of social networking and the ability to communicate vast amounts of information over long distances at the touch of a screen or the click of a mouse, technology has brought the human race together in more ways than one. Community remote sensing is a way people can come together and improve society as a whole by simply utilizing their technology savvy skills they use daily to chat with their friends.