Give This Man an Award

I recently came across this from one of Phil Plait’s posts on Bad Astronomy, and let me tell you it’s fantastic!

Except for getting a one-on-one experience with our galaxy stowed away in some remote part of Arizona at night, this is the best view of the night sky you will ever have. This man, Nick Risinger, has made a 5,000 megapixel image of the ENTIRE night sky. Not just what you can see in the northern hemisphere, but what you can see in the southern, as well.

This mosaic is a result of more than 37,000 exposures. Can you imagine going on a vacation and taking over 37,000 photos? I certainly can’t. Risinger managed to travel around the world, twice, in order to get all of the shots that he needed. Naturally, different stars are up at different times of the year, so he had to wait for the right time to collect photos of the tens of millions of stars captured forever in this amazing work.

Not only does this mosaic capture the complete view of the Earth’s peephole into the center of our galaxy, but you can zoom in to get a closer look of whatever you like! I personally enjoyed zooming in on the area located to the right below the central plain where I saw a great collection of nebulae; the Horsehead, Orion, and Flame Nebula together in an area small enough to fit on my computer screen. It’s absolutely amazing.

Hands down, this man deserves an award. I don’t care if it’s for art or for science. Frankly, he deserves both because he has given humanity a treasure that is both beautiful and insightful.

Nick Risinger's Mosaic of the Night Sky

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