New Scientist Magazine Article Helps With Dilema

Now that the initial shock of bin Laden’s death has worn off, the controversies are beginning to arise. One of the main problems growing within the White House is the media’s desire to post photos of bin Laden’s corpse across the news. Feelings towards the release of these photos, which are said to be extremely graphic, are extremely two sided. There is an argument for both sides, and which one wins is just a matter of time. Currently, it seems that President Obama is very adamant on restricting the release of the photos.

When I heard about the photos and the controversy surrounding their release my initial feelings were conflicted. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to see the photos or not. I thought about the moral and political issues that would arise if the photos were released, and I also considered what type of arguments and reasons would arise if the photos were not released. Well, my dilemma was officially resolved after I came across this article in New Scientists magazine. It’s well written and provides scientific evidence for why the photos should not be released. Thank you Andrew Silke for a great article that attacks a sensitive concern in an unbiased and informative manner.

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