Major protest on High St. this afternoon concerning the Egyption Government issues that I went to and got pictures and interviewed three people. Walking away feeling pretty proud I noticed that my recorder did not record any of my interviews. Somehow I must have pressed stop just as I started talking to my first guy. I’m so dissapointed!

Button happy.

Give me an hour and a camera and I’ll take over 600 pictures! Never knew how easy it was to max out a memory card so quickly! Those dancers were awesome to photograph!

Ella Matweyou age 19, Caroline Bramlage age 20, Emily Claman age 19, Jessica Boone age 21, Amanda Platt age 21, and Shelly Maron age 21, practice their routine in Sullivent Hall on Ohio State's Columbus Campus. These dance majors show off their skills as they perform for Susan Hadley, who is a professor of Dance for the College of Arts and Humanities at the Ohio State's main campus. This photograph was taken on January 18, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio.