Latest on Physics Buzz, The Terrifying T. rex

With a gargantuan head flaunting the largest teeth of any predatory dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex embodies the ideal nightmarish horror. So, what was such a ferociously large animal doing with such tiny forelimbs that look more like a humorous afterthought than an evolutionary tool?

“Some people think T. rex forearms are just vestigial organs which evolved away, but I claim no,” said Scott Lee, a professor of physics at University of Toledo, who argues that a T. rex could move its forearms quickly enough to prevent a struggling prey’s escape. Therefore, the arms were an integral part of the predator’s hunting tactics, he said, and not useless stubs.

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Break and Bake, you’re my savior

As a thank you for taking the time to write me multiple letters of recommendation, I decided that I was going to bake cookies for a certain professor. I made this conscious decision over the weekend, and to emphasize my appreciation I was going to make the cookies from scratch. However, as the hours passed from Saturday to Sunday and finally Monday, the cookies were still only a figment of my imagination. On my way past the break and bake cookie section of the grocery store tonight I glanced over at the solution to my problem.

I'm a break and bake cookies kinda gal

(I must clarify that I do not make cookies from scratch, hence the procrastination. I was only making and exception as a token of my appreciation.) So, I glanced at the break and bakes all the while slowing my pace while contemplating if I really should take the ultimate plunge to lazy-town. After two seconds hesitation, I made an about face and grabbed not one but TWO break and bake chocolate chip cookie packages. I must say that lazy-town is a pretty good place to be when all of your work is finished within twenty minutes of preheating, placing on pan, and baking. Thank you Nestle Tollhouse. I owe you one.

I’ll be sure to make cookies from scratch once my boyfriend returns and makes the dough for me.

Manic Monday

So much to do with so little time remaining. I have graduate applications due. I have appointments to schedule and execute. I have research to conduct. I have research articles to write. I have academic course work to finish. I have exams to study for. I am one busy woman this week.

How I feel on the inside.

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