Below are links to stories I have written since my start at Ohio State. Headers will tell you in which publication you will find the article and the dates I wrote for that outlet. The headers are organized with the most recent publications at the top. The outlets you will see below include Physics Today, Science, New Scientist, Earth Magazine, Sky and Telescope, Physics Buzz and The Battalion Newspaper.


Rare Isotopes Facility Underway at Michigan State

Physics Today

Batteries and business in Brazil


How to make better decisions

New Scientist

Fireball Meteors Emit Unique Radio Wave Signals

Dark halo around spiral galaxy poses stellar mystery

Neutrinos top list of targets for US particle physics

National Association of Science Writers *In printed ScienceWriters edition Fall 2013

Making the most of the NASW Internship Fair

American Physical Society Intern October 14 – Present

Keen Minds Prep for the International Physics Olympiad

Hunting for Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays Using the Most Massive Planet in Our Solar System

Washington’s Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has a New COSTAR

Data Mining for Dark Matter

Inside Science Keeping your eyes on the ball may be essential

Lunch with the Einsteins

Fire Breathing Dust Devil Toys with Tumbleweeds

Atomic Clocks Knock on Dark Matter’s Door

Tree Acoustics Identify Rot and Decay

Is Bringing a Spacecraft Back from the Dead Worth the Cost?

Your World is Your Lab: More to MOOCs than Seen on Screen

A Physics Course Through Time: Students Retrace the Steps of Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Max Planck and Many More

Wait for it, Watch for it and You Could Make History

Kepler’s Latest Results Offer Most Habitable Exoplanet Yet

A Non-Newtonian Side to Jack White

Flex Your Vector Skills in the New Game Sector Vector

What Can You Actually Do with Newly-Released NASA Code?

Shocking Study with the Largest Cosmic Ray Physics Experiment in the Northern Hemisphere

Close Encounters of the Undead Kind

First Virtual Reality Games for Physics Fanatics

How Inmarsat Hacked its Data to Find Flight MH370

How long does it take to print the world’s first 3D-printed kayak?

Taking Back the Night Sky

Dino Dining Verses Speed

Physics Offers New Evidence on T. rex Arms: Weapons not Waste

Physicists Mistaken for Hackers at APS March Meeting

Extreme Observing

Past Rates and Future Fates: A Galaxy’s Tale

Smooth, Rich, Chocolaty Physics

Olympic Women Ski Jump Equally Far on the Moon

Rings of Earth Formed the Moon

The Physics of Celebrity Boxing

Understanding Our Universe at Levels Too Small to See

From 14 to a Million: The Astronomical Growth of the Astronomy Picture of the Day

Inside Science Thirty-year-old Data Offers New View of Venus

Part II: The Most Exciting Physics (and more!) to Happen at National Laboratories in 2014

Part I: The Most Exciting Physics (and more!) to Happen at National Laboratories in 2014

Courageous Canine Seeks Space Station

Learn Physics Like the Professionals, by the Professionals

Inside Science Would Time Travelers Leave Online Traces?

Arctic Science: A Post-Christmas Rhyme

Triggering Waves in Antarctica with a Single Penguin Step

What is More Important: Quality of Budget of a Film

Physics Focus Water Doesn’t Always Go with the Flow

Gifts for the Physics Fanatic in All of Us

Didgeridoos, Yo-Yoes and ZZ Top Tunes in Space

World’s Latest E-Bike Begins with the Now-available Copenhagen Wheel

Earthquakes Statistics Get Help from Forest-fire Models

Inside Science Riddles of a Rippled Icicle

Earthquake Statistics Get Help from Forest-fire Models

Benford’s Law: Can it Negate Cheating?

Fascinating Flying Fish

Do Not Shave a Fruit Fly’s Eyes

Picking the Perfect Punkin for Chunkin

Kepler News Sparks Media Headline Mayhem

E-bike Physics

Flying Machine Mimics Graceful Swimmers

Dead birds adrift and the killer source

The physics is clear on foamy beer


Explosive energy of dry ice bombs

International Centre for Theoretical Physics Intern August 1, 2013 – Sept. 27, 2013

First Impressions

CORDEX Workshop

Dealing with Sickle Cell Disease

A virtual web of knowledge

Deep into teeth

Video editing

Bruno Pontecorvo film debuts this month

The Galvanizer

Expanding the InSAR Community

Women in Physics Quiz

Connect for Success

Beyond Bias

Gaining Direction

Taking the Quantum Challenge

Dinosaur Diversity

The Abundance of Nothing

Meet Some of the 2013 Diploma Graduates

Earth’s equations

Density-Functional Theory at ICTP

Promoting math through the ages

SUSY Success

A case for B mesons

WIMPs: Masters of Elusion

What Higgs holds for beyond the Standard Model

Bringing Physics to Your Laptop

ICTP and Armenia: Partners in Science

TREGA in action

Roy Glauber: A Peek at the Manhattan Project and beyond

Scientific Technologies Corporation Full-time employee April 1 – August 1, 2013

Four steps and tools to contain a national outbreak of infectious disease

Building Vaccine Accountability in Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR©™) Systems with VTrckS

STC hosts The University of Texas at Austin Health IT Certificate Program student

Continued growth in vaccine 2D barcoding technology

Washington brings child health and safety knowledge to families

Our nation’s immune system is electronic

Meaningful Use Certification Issued for STC’s ImmsLink 3.4© Immunization Records Exchange Application

STC recognizes National Infant Immunization Week

STC, a National Leader in Public Health Information Technology, Releases Public Health Annual Report for 2012

Building Healthy Populations for 25 Years

Under the Microscope Intern January 2013 – August 2013

A conversation with Theoretical Astrophysicist Rachel Somerville

A conversation with Athene Donald: Family, physics and finding support

Grab your spot at this year’s Global Marathon

Inside the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory with Elaine McCluskey

How the Internet Advances Women’s Opportunities

Fermilab Intern September 10 – December 21, 2012

Fermilab scouts feathered fliers over the holidays

How burly bison bear the winter

The secret of Picasso’s paint

Linac restarts, beam back up for cancer treatment

Holiday characters take over the physics lab

ASTA prepares to provide electron beam in 2013

Insulation installation at test beam facility

Zombies invade the LHC in student-made horror film

Budget woes force rethinkg of proposed flagship physics experiment in Italy

Scientists propose new projects to unravel dark energy secrets

Complex simulations: a driving force for LSST

Rare red flower crops up in high numbers at Fermilab

“In Visible”—an artist’s perspective of the universe

How to make a neutrino beam

One minute with Jennifer Raaf, co-manager for MicroBooNE TPC assembly and installation

Fermilab’s Raaf: a hands-on neutrino physicist

A sticky situation resolved

Cockcroft-Walton’s successor: a peep inside the new RFQ and how it works

Dark-matter seekers get help from the DarkSide

A shocking good time

One minute with Todd Nebel, PPD mechanical operations specialist

Students benefit from Fermilab-Latin American collaboration

Enforcing fire safety awareness with a hint of fun

Time projection chambers: A milestone in particle detector technology

Construction begins on largest liquid-argon time projection chamber in the U.S.

Employees paint a more colorful Fermilab with gardening tools

Out-of-the-box thinking meets in-the-box pizza for a lunch dedicated to education

African School of Physics student awarded international fellowship

“Martyl – A Retrospective”: linking art and science with a Fermilab flare

American Geophysical Union Intern May 29 – August 31, 2012

Glacial thinning has sharply accelerated at major South American fields

Underground bubbles could help keep unwelcome carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere

The rare 5.8 Virginia earthquake: One year later

Link found between cold European winters and solar activity

Water scarcity in the tropical Andes: Population growth outweighs climate change

Life’s molecules could lie within reach of Mars Curiosity rover

Scientsts guage carbon dioxide impact of suburban greenery

Fracking in the United States: Scientists’ research addresses multiple concerns

From TV studio to Congressional Office, choose brief and simple to convey science and its uncertainty

Elephant seals help uncover slower-than-expected Antarctic melting

Sky & Telescope Website Began writing January 2012

Streaking snow-balls in Saturn’s F ring

Colorful Cluster Transformation

Great Heights Reached with Gaffer Tape

Sunspot’s Secrets Unraveling

Heartbeat Suggests Smallest Black Hole

EARTH Magazine Began writing June 2011

Subarctic Lakes Belch More Methane on Brighter Days *In printed edition of June, 2014

Burrows are a solid indicator of Cambrian Explosion boundary *In printed edition of August, 2013

Unexpected atmospheric compound offers a glimpse of Europa’s salty oceans *In printed edition of July, 2013

Oceanic records paint a more complex picture of human evolution *In printed edition of June, 2013

Rare earth elements from Jamaican red mud could affect global market *In printed edition of May, 2013

Sumatra’s eruptive past indicates higher risk for the future *In printed edition of August, 2012 (p.14)

North Star loses mass but still shines bright *In printed edition of May, 2012 (p.18)

Scientists grow bacteria to improve oil sands remediation *In printed edition of April, 2012 (p. 18)

Dunes Move Across Martian Landscape *In printed edition of March, 2012 (p. 21)

Radiation Exposure Minimal for Residents of Fukushima *In printed edition of February, 2012 (p.8)

Sand Yields Grains of Truth in Dating Storm Surges *In printed edition of January, 2012 (p.18)

Arctic Thaw Lakes Show Surprising Changes *In printed edition of December, 2011 (p. 14)

Oil Spill Offers Scientists Clues to Aerosols *In printed edition of June, 2011 (p. 16)

The Battalion August, 2011 – May, 2012

Beneath the Ocean Floor

A&M Follows Crop Studies to Africa

Lifelike lessons via medical mannequins

Single Potential

Virus Killer

Canine Surgery Shows Promise for Humans

Ancient Bone Weapon Sheds Light on Human Origins

Engineering Across the Gender Gap

Creativity for All

High Priced Mice

Nearly Nobel: A&M Astrophysicist’s Research leads to Nobel Prize

Seeing Double: Astronomer Finds Planet Orbiting Two Suns

Climate Debate Reaches A&M

Evolutionary Findings: Mammalian Study Lands in ‘Science’

Environment’s Answer

Study Questions Research Funding

Ohio State Astronomy Department Website Summer 2012

Studying Exoplanets with DEMONEX

Undergraduate Discovers Exoplanet Using Innovative Technique

Active Galaxies and Their Bizarre Centers Help Measure Black Hole Masses

KELT: A Little Telescope with a Tall Order

KEPLER: A Jewel for Exoplanet Research but also a Tool for Stellar Astronomy

A Spectrograph – or Three – of One’s Own

Undergraduate Investigates Mysterious Cluster Omega Centauri

Ohio State Press Releases April 2010 – June 2011

Researchers Improving GPS Accuracy in the 3rd Dimension

No Smoking Policies May Present Challenges To Treatment Centers

For Testing Skin Cream, Synthetic Skin May Be as Good as the Real Thing

New Model Shows Importance of Feet, Toes in Body Balance

Practice More Important Than Age in Learning To Use Computer Mouse

New Dishware Sanitizers Prove More Effective At Killing Harmful Bacteria

More Predators Doesn’t Equal More Danger for Urban Nests

Study: The Bright Red of Cardinals Means Less in Urban Areas

Confident Teachers Help Preschoolers More with Language and Literacy Skills

Teen Girls Talk More to Parents About Dating Than Do Boys

Tiny Particles May Help Surgeons By Marking Brain Tumors

The Lantern Clips

Atheist, Christian To Jointly Teach Class

Hubble Crucial for Professor’s Research

Professor Receives Grant Award

Department Celebrates Year of Astronomy

Undergraduate Thesis

Measuring Metallicity of M Giants in the Galactic Halo Using Molecular Bands

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